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Resource List

Evanston CASE “Parent-Endorsed” Resources

The resources on this list are not endorsed by Evanston CASE, Inc., but rather are compiled from the thoughtful recommendations of our parents. Please note that everyone has different experiences. The resource providers on this list may not be best for your individual child. Resources are being updated all the time. Check back or contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.


Autism Services


Developmental Disability Services

Driver's  Education

Educational Consultants / Post High School Transition Specialists

Executive Functioning Coaches

Life Skills / Post High-School Transition

OT / PT / Speech

Psychiatrists — Child and Adolescent

Social Skills

Swimming Lessons

Anxiety / Panic Treatment

Behavioral Consultants and Therapists


Developmental Pediatricians / Pediatricians

Dyslexia / Reading Intervention and Assessment

Educational Therapists

Learning Disabilities


Pediatric Ophthalmologists / Ophthalmologists 

Recreation / Adaptive Sports / Arts

Special Education Attorneys

Therapists / Counseling / Mental Health / Social Work / Psychologists

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