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CASE Companions

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The CASE Companions Program pairs new and veteran families impacted by disability. In this FREE program, a veteran family (or CASE Companion) will share its experience and offer one on one peer support to a family that is navigating either District 65 or District 202’s special education system. This program is designed to provide empathy and acceptance and to help combat the isolation that so many feel when raising a child with a disability.


The CASE Companions Program provides:

  • Companionship.  The CASE Companions Program pairs an experienced family (Parent Mentor) with a new family that is impacted by disability.

  • Understanding.  This program offers new families empathy and acceptance and helps combat the isolation that so many feel when raising a child with a disability. 

  • Guidance from Families Who Have Been There.  A Parent Mentor provides peer-to-peer support for a new family, shares information, guidance and support while navigating the special education system. 


Interested in volunteering to becoming a

CASE Companion? Click here!

Interested in being paired with a

CASE Companion? Click here!

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